we were out wandering through a few thrift shops this morning, secretly hoping to stumble upon one of these, when we discovered this hidden gem…

coming from brooklyn's rabid foodie scene to suburban orange county has been a bit of a tough transition (however temporary). we’re perpetually on the quest to find delicious non-chainy restaurants and this fun spot fits the bill!

nestled in a hidden corner of the outdoorsy oasis ‘the CAMP’ the old vine cafe serves up an eclectic mix of brunchy options ranging from the adventurous lengua (beef tongue) or goat omelette (made with real goat, not cheese, my friends) to sweet old standbys like pumpkin pecan french toast and homemade cinnamon buns. since i can never pass up a warm biscuit or the chance to slice through a perfectly fried green tomato, i went with the southern brunch. ben tucked into lamb meatloaf and eggs. it was heaven.

the food was fantastic, the service was laid-back and warm, and even though there was a bit of a wait, somehow sitting beneath the towering pines and succulent garden made us feel about a million miles from the sprawl of suburbia. until we had to drive home, of course.