moving into our first home has been such a trip! we’ve actually moved more times (8!) than years we’ve been married (almost 7). with all the changes in residence, we’ve gotten to be pros at packing and unpacking. truth be told, we usually have everything in order, boxes disposed of and cocktails in hand by the very first night. no joke!

this place is so different.

its not just another apartment or condo, its our first real home that we actually own (or will in 30 some odd years ;>) and for some reason, every decision seems to be as huge as this new phase in our lives.

so, we’re taking our time, hanging pictures, choosing furniture and bit by bit, piece by piece, slowly making this new space our own. while i’m still thinking it might be some time before all our rooms have rugs and lamps, somehow this house feels more like home than any place we have ever lived.

here’s a little peek at what we’ve been up to this week…

(snazzy new coffee table, our bright yellow door, a glance through the living room, fresh herbs in the kitchen, an entry in the making, housewarming loungers from my parents complete with gorgeous homemade pillows (thanks mom!!!), an old lamp we found in our storage closet(!), a cheerful window sill, and Q’s big boy bed)





ps. a special thanks to my wonderful parents who unpacked tons of boxes this week and made so many trips to home depot we lost count! x