do you ever take trips alone?

a few years back i was just one race away from qualifying for the 2012 nyc marathon (more on that adventure later). i was visiting my parents upstate at the time, and ben was busy studying for an exam, so i decided to travel back to nyc to run my race solo.

while i stayed in our apartment, of course, i spent most of the weekend out and about in the city. i lingered over a long lunch, saw this fabulous movie, wandered in and out of shops, sipped wine and read trashy magazines at a little sidewalk cafe. the morning of my race i schlepped out to queens alone. no one came to cheer me on and when i finished i just hopped on the subway again as if nothing had happened! it felt incredible.

that night i opted out of dinner with friends. i scheduled a massage, i ordered in takeout and, in the morning, i treated myself to croissants, coffee and a visit to this fantastic exhibit. tout seul.

i’m not typically such a solitary being but for some reason this bout of uninterrupted time with myself felt like the biggest treat in the world. it was, quite honestly, one of my favorite weekends ever!

i’m heading back east this summer to visit a few friends and i’m secretly hoping to recreate this fabulous little escape. have you ever traveled alone? for how long? i’m thinking perhaps this could become a thing…