a friend and i were discussing summer travel plans the other day, and i must admit, it gave me a bit of wanderlust. with residency (and homeownership) in full swing i’m afraid we wont be planning big trips anytime soon, but don’t these adventures look amazing? a girl can dream…

this island escape looks incredible. simple and beautiful.

who’s in for camping? this gorgeous spot has been on our list for years.


i’ve secretly always wanted to do one of these. i’d go for pune or paro with my best girlfriend.

i’m thinking morning coffee and pancakes here would be pretty magical.

paris. always a good idea.

looking forward to wandering, shopping and a cozy night in this cool nyc hotel. i’ll be there for a dear friends baby shower brunch and am secretly hoping to steal away a few quiet moments, pour moi.

meanwhile, our own backyard is feeling like a pretty awesome escape these days…


any fabulous summer adventures on your horizon? pray tell.