last week i split my time between two wonderful, and wildly extreme islands. two fabulous days of food and urban musings on the grand isle of manhattan, followed by two glorious days of rustic cabin living and exploration on the tiny rural paths of simcoe island, canada.

both offered a breath of fresh air and a welcomed escape from the dessert vistas and extreme heat of PS.

just a few days in manhattan and i’m already longing for the hustle and bustle of city life. i spent a wonderful night in the new high line hotel, had an amazing morning walk along the high line, and celebrated my dear friend with a fabulous brunch in the west village. It was a perfect start to my back-east trip.

(early morning indulgences, cozy hotel, wandering the high line, hotel reading)


i ended the week with a trip across the boarder to an old family friends remote island cabin. i spent childhood summers running around this island, eating fresh raspberry pie, learning to drive on the windey dirt roads, and venturing out into the lighthouse surf. it was magical to return after years away and watch my own little kiddo explore (and fall in love) with this special place.

(morning, fast friends, my favorite lookout spot, waiting).



i hope you are all enjoying a lovely summer with family and friends. looking forward to sharing some photos of our time at the lake later this weekend.

until then,