hello all.

after what now seems like a very long hiatus (was my last post really august 20th?) well, anyway, i’m back! and just in time for my favorite season…

the weather is finally starting to turn cooler here in PS and i cannot help but daydream of roasted butternut squash and freshly baked pumpkin pie (done and done).

let’s all ease back into this with a little afternoon spin, autumn edition…

fall is in the air

pretty flats

cozy evenings in call for this, this or these !

seasonal cocktail

pretty fall table , desert style

yes, please


Q and i have been watching a lot of peter pan recently and i’m secretly petitioning for this halloween costume…

however, i’m almost positive he’ll request something infinitely cooler (and depressing) given his recent obsession with this dude, which will undoubtedly end up looking more like this! yikes.

happy fall! X