now, i generally don’t love planning christmas parties before halloween.

well, actually, that’s a total lie and paperless post knows it. which is exactly why they sent me an email today informing me that their ‘save the date’ holiday collection is now available. because once i get started, i will neglect absolutely everything to plan a party. it’s my kryptonite, stripping hours from my otherwise high-functioning, productive days until i’m sucked into a full-on pinning, planning, cocktailing frenzy.

i freaking love it.

it always begins so innocently…just a quick peek at those ‘save the date’ cards and oh…kate spade, wonder what the invitations look like? and since we’re having this party i should probably research a just few fun cocktails, which of course can only lead to cocktail dresses and cocktail rings, matching stir sticks, napkins, flowers, champagne, cheese, candles, desserts, guest lists, music…ah! shoes!

so its october 22nd, my house is a mess, Q is in a PBS kids induced coma and i think i forgot to pay our electric bill, but i’ve pretty much nailed down our christmas party plans.

december 14th, save the date. x







photos via pinterest