i’m a big fan of any food that can be eaten out of a bowl (cobbler, cereal, pasta, mashed potatoes). there’s just something so comforting about curling up on the couch with your family, toes tucked into cozy slippers and blankets, hands wrapped around something warm and homemade.

this recipe has been tweaked over the years and changes based on our mood, so feel free to ad lib with the proportions and ingredients-i love turkey, oregano and lots of lemon zest, ben is always trying to sneak in things like veal (vetoed) and truffle oil (pretty awesome)- it always turns out great.

1/2 cup breadcrumbs
handful of freshly chopped sage or oregano
a generous splash of milk or cream
good parmesan cheese
a mix of ground turkey and mild pork sausage (we usually use about a package of each for big portions with lots of leftovers)
lemon zest to taste
sprinkle of parsley

mix the herbs, breadcrumbs, milk and cheese into a slurry and let it sit for a bit. add in the meats and lemon zest. season with fresh ground pepper and sea salt. cover and let the mixture rest in the fridge while you ready the sauce.

bring a pot of your favorite tomato sauce to a simmer-sometimes we make our own, sometimes we use whatever jar looks fancy at the italian market (or trader joes).

once your sauce is warm and bubbly, roll the meat into generously sized balls and fry until golden brown. transfer the meatballs to your pot of sauce and let everything mingle. the meatballs should be sufficiently cooked after about 15 minutes but they can simmer on low for as long as you need to get everyone corralled for dinner. no worries if it takes a while, this one just gets better with time.

ladle a generous portion over big bowls of pasta, top with more cheese and a sprinkle of parsley, grab your slippers and blankets and enjoy!

photo from our dinner last monday.