so our little guy is about to turn four next month…! crazy, right? seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home all pink and wrinkly (sigh).

this seems to be the year of holiday awareness for Q and the excitement has been steadily building since halloween. he was pumped for all things christmas-tree getting, cookie baking, ‘did you just hear santa?!’ i heard him! he’s here! the build-up to valentines day was epic. the easter bunny and his promise of hidden eggs prompted a 6am sprint into the backyard. and, of course, this birthday seems to top the list as the biggest…most important…day.of all. so fun!

so when i asked him what ‘type’ of party he wanted for his big day (half expecting something like pizza or pool to come to mind) he immediately blurted out…

A ROBIN HOOD PARTY! (Really?!!?)

now this may have something to do with the fact that we had just gone through a binge-viewing of this classic, or perhaps he’s confusing birthdays with halloween since he also keeps insisting that at the party i will be dressed as this dude (good lord).

either way, we’ve been talking about it for months and the theme has stuck…


i’m always up for a little unorthodox party theme and am actually really loving that he didn’t immediately go for the typical four-year-old gigs like batman, spider-man, jake and the neverland pirates! ugh, that song!

after all, who doesn’t love a good themed-party?! sly foxes, little forest creatures, mom dressed as your portly bear friend. really, what could be better? ;>







photos via my Pinterest page