there was a great little piece in the new york times this weekend, which i received early on sunday along with some epically delicious scrambled eggs (happy mothers day me), basically highlighting the benefits and added pleasure of anticipation…

whether it’s a wonderful trip to paris, a party or a move across country, it turns out that planning, reading about and generally getting really excited for an experience adds to the pleasure of the experience itself-regardless of whether the actual event is a win or a total bust! how awesome is that?!

it’s a known fact that ben and i are big daydreamers. we’re always planning new adventures and cooking up fabulous plans for trips, parties, homes, babies…you name it, we’re excitedly talking about it!

this week we’re hooked on the idea of a cabin in montana. we both have this lovely, romantic notion of a secluded little plot of land, a simple modern home, lots of glass and mountain views. we’d spend those hot PS summers wandering the woods and learning to fly fish! christmases would be spent with our whole family cozied up by the fire, bundled in blankets and sweaters, big glasses of red wine in hand.

it might be a few years off (or we might very well decide next week that a bungalow on the northern coast of california is a much cooler option) but for now, our daydreams of montana feel exciting and energizing and, according to stephanie rosenbloom, they’re actually making us happier. so, cheers to all those monday morning google searches and pinterest pins…daydreamers of the world rejoice!





photos via pinterest