in the spirit of yesterday’s post i’ve been daydreaming about our little babe…

when Q was little we carried him around in our beloved ergo and while we still have and love this comfy carrier, i’m really looking forward to trying out a few more baby wearing styles. perhaps something a bit less structured and a little more…fashion forward? after all, you carry that little nip around so much in the beginning, their carrier pretty much becomes a staple accessory! here are the two of my current favorites…

the solly wrap



these wraps are gorgeous! they come in a ton of great colors and i really love the look of them on. my only concern here is all the tying…would it be hard to do solo? the tie factor seems especially challenging with a toddler in tow. also, given our hot desert climate, i’m wondering if this wrap might feel like just a bit too much fabric at times? which brings me to option two….

the sakura bloom sling



i absolutely adore this sling! while the company makes wraps in a wide variety of materials: think gorgeous silks and linens and price points: i mean, really ? the pure linen option is pretty reasonable and so beautiful on! i love the simplicity of the ring, no complex tying or readjustment, and wouldn’t this natural shade be gorgeous with any outfit? i can just see three of us strolling to the park after school or having a leisurely coffee with friends, Q running ahead while bebe is tucked in cozy and close.

have you worn a wrap or sling? are there others out there that are equally fabulous? which would you recommend? dish!


photos via pinterest