last night we tried a great new spot in palm springs…




the saguaro is a fab little PS hotel located right down the street from the ace (another family favorite). this hotel is a totally unique, totally fun desert find. with its brightly-colored facade and whimsical interior (think ping pong tables and lava lamps in the lobby) it’s pretty hard not to have fun at this place!

there are two great restaurants in the hotel: the much fancier tapas bar, el tinto and el jeffe, a little taco and tequila bar just off the front entry. we were in the market for $2 tuesday tacos so we grabbed a table outside the bar and ordered up a few of each! Q loved checking out all the crazy decor that adorned the wall between the bar and the dining area and we were loving the live johnny cash esque music that nearly drowned out our excited guy’s endless pre-dinner chatter! sorry, bud!

here are a few shots of the tacos…



it was a totally great night and a fun break from the weekly routine. sitting there in the dimly lit lobby, margaritas flowing and the lively sun-kissed crowd humming along to the music, it almost felt like we were on vacation (even if it was just for an hour or so). i love that about palm springs!

thanks el jeffe…we might just be back next tuesday!


ps. the first few insta pics are mine. the taco photos i stole from el jeffe- my versions turned out a bit dark, but i promise they really look (and taste) that great!