best news ever…palm springs has an amazing new coffee place!


one of the biggest things we miss since leaving brooklyn is the vast and wonderful array of coffee places in the city! it seems every corner of our tiny neighborhood had a coffee place with its own unique and amazing style. we had our personal favorites, of course. our beloved colsons was just around the corner, perfect for a quick sunday morning fix (think pj bottoms, messy hair and morning buns). we greeted them by name and they knew me well enough to treat me to free coffee(s) on those early days of motherhood when i would inevitably forget my wallet, my keys, and, lets be honest here, my right mind! on tuesdays we’d jet over to two moon for sing-alongs and lemon bars, grumpys for espresso and artisanal blends, cafe martin for a slice of surly irish attitude and a bit of local gossip, and, of course, there was always le provençal for the best almond croissants outside of paris. like sweet friends each of them, and so very hard to leave…

but alas, after a year of living in ps (and sipping boring old starbucks) we finally have a new coffee place! ernest coffee is a lovely little shop on the northern end of palm springs arts district-our neighborhood! freshly baked pastries and perfectly roasted stumptown beans combine effortlessly with a fun urban decor, warm welcoming staff, and piles of freshly printed ny times… i mean, really, what could be better?

we’ve been twice so far: a quick 4th of july run for iced coffees and apple pie and just this morning for a leisurely little breakfast date with Q, warm americanos and almond croissants. everything thus far has been lovely. i’m SO looking forward to the day when i can toss our little babe in one of these and stroll down for my morning paper and caffè! oui!




anyway, if you live in ps (or plan to visit us soon) ernest is definitely worth a stop.

happy sipping!