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a (belated) welcome to the world…


Nils Harrington Mahdi!
born october 17, 2014
7lbs, 14oz and 19 inches of absolute perfection.

we’ve been enjoying these early days and weeks as a family of four (read: lots of napping and snuggles couch side).

i’m completely amazed at how well Q has done with this rather big change in his little life, he’s such a sweet and thoughtful big brother. nils is a rather lovable little guy, very into snuggling and napping, though not much for sleeping at night just yet…and he looks so much like Q did as a babe it makes my heart hurt.

i’m hoping to post a bit more around the holidays and such (blogging is really a lovely way to document our lives). i can hardly believe its been a month since we brought him home! these days pass far too quickly.

here are a few fun shots from our first weeks together…








i’m already nostalgic for these early days, sigh. until next time, dear friends.



hello again.

what’s everyone been up to this week? i’ve been laid up with a nasty cold and am generally feeling overly pregnant as of late so i’ve been trying to take it easy over here…just 2 more weeks until i’m officially ‘full term’ woohoo!

meanwhile, i’ve been directing a lot of activities from the couch, busily ordering diapers and onesies from amazon and trying to get our place somewhat organized for baby. i cannot believe we could actually meet our little babe in less than a month!

i promised a few photos of our home improvement projects last week and, though we’re not quite finished with either room, i wanted to share these ‘work in progress’ shots just for fun…

we got crafty with wooden squares, repainted our canvases and made a table from the original beams of our 1959 butterfly (which sadly rotted and had to be replaced a few weeks ago-good thing our house didn’t collapse before we realized that one-yikes!)

finally found a cool, modern chair for baby on giggle


since our place is tiny, our spare room is working double time as a tv room/nursery. as many of these little projects go, i was planning an entirely different nursery theme when all of a sudden i stumbled upon this awesome geometric throw pillow and basically designed the entire space using that color palate. gotta love target



that’s it for now! stay tuned next week for more home improvement updates, photos and maybe a fall recipe or two…!

happy weekending.


hi friends!

just popping in today to share quick little baby room photo. we’ve been doing a fair bit of nesting/home updating in the last week or so and i’m hoping to share some photos of our projects next week! until then, here’s just a little sneak peek of our babe’s new space…


counting down the weeks!

we woke up this morning to the gentle sounds of thunder and rain on the lake, cool breezes and fresh coffee brewing in the kitchen. it’s that perfect kind of lazy morning where pajamas and slippers linger well past noon and there’s no better place to be but on the porch with steaming cups of coffee and slices of warm, buttery zucchini bread in hand. in short, heaven.

it’s also the perfect kind of morning to sit back and daydream about all things baby. as i mentioned before, we’ve been pretty laid back about this little babe’s arrival so far, but now that i’m officially in my third (!) trimester and that sweet layette actually arrived the other day, i’m feeling rather inspired to start planning a bit for a room.

since we’re rather tight on space in our petit butterfly, baby m 2.0 will be bunking up in our room for the first few weeks. ben’s dad has generously offered to MAKE us a cradle and we’re beyond excited since he’ll be modeling his creation after this awesome rocker! how incredible is that? of course, after those first few mini months, we’ll eventually transition baby into his own ‘room’ (albeit in the tv room). since it is a shared space, we’ll be keeping the overall look rather neutral but, being me, i just couldn’t resist sneaking a little theme into the space.

from early on in pregnancy i’ve been incredibly drawn to simple, nature themes for this little bug. i just love the idea of creating a zen space with a natural, woodland feel: think natural shades, woodsy textures and a few baby animals a la sharon montrose.

here are some of the items that are inspiring me on this rainy july morning…

simple animal prints





our ikea shelf, upgraded.


foxy details



Perhaps a bit of wes


and a few woodsy pieces



what do you think? any tips for decorating a shared space? i’d love to hear…


photos and more baby ideas via my pinterest

i can hardly believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by! can you believe i’m nearly 7 months now? what?!

like so many folks i’ve talked to re: second babies we’re feeling much more relaxed this time around. i’m pretty sure when i was 7 months pregnant with Q we had a room decorated, clothes washed and receiving blankets at the ready. this time we’ve barely prepared anything at all, and we haven’t even come close to buying a crib or decorating a room. the hospital has called me a few times to schedule a tour-a tour? really? it all just somehow feels blissfully relaxed, in that really wonderful, ‘we’ve got this’ kind of way. are we crazy?

anyway, i was surfing pinterest the other day and came across this darling little fox layette and suddenly everything felt instantly real to me.

we’re going to have another baby!

for some reason that little outfit immediately brought me back to those early days with Q, the exciting beginnings of labor, shortly followed by the painful realization of actual labor (!) and, of course, those first precious moments when we finally met our little guy for the first time. and now here we are, about to experience all those wonderful, crazy, head-spinning moments all over again! we get to meet a brand new little person, count tiny fingers and toes, bring him home all snugly, cozy and new…and it’s all happening in three months from now! or less!

of course i bought the layette on the spot. ready or not baby, here we go…




any big plans for the holiday? we’re headed to our local park this evening for a family picnic and fireworks! tomorrow we’ll be celebrating the long weekend (and the end of Q’s first year of preschool!) with a few close school buddies and a backyard bbq! woohoo summer!

fun with watermelon

making these for our mini bbq on saturday!

4th of july outfit ideas for the cool cats

toasted marshmallow coconut milk ice cream. yes yes yes!

what a fun diy beach bag

stars and stripes for bèbè

hope you all have a wonderful, long weekend!


vintage photo via pinterest


soooooooo, we’re finally headed to sunny mexico this weekend! woohoo! it has been a crazy first year of residency and we’re beyond excited to celebrate one year completed, not to mention the ‘passing with flying colors’ of step three! yay Ben!! but above all, we’re really just looking forward to spending some quality family time sipping fruity cocktails and lounging about! no schedule, no plans. hooray for vacation!

i’m looking forward to sharing beachy pics from our trip next week. until then, here’s a bit of this and that to help while away those wee friday afternoon hours…

how to eat like a local in paris

doesn’t this look like such a romantic way to travel?

obsessed with this dress

and this one too !

great diy beauty products

bananas !

the perfect summery dessert

hope you all have a truly fabulous weekend!


photo via pinterest


it’s nearly 105 degrees in PS right now…and it’s 10 am! summer is here! what are you kids up to this weekend? ben is studying up a storm for his last big exam on monday. we all just cannot wait for it to be OVER! in the meantime, Q and i are headed to a friends house on saturday for a little backyard bbq and a nice looooong dip in their pool! woohoo!

here are a few fun finds to kick off your friday…

this cocktail looks fantastic!

words to live by

awesome looking spring salad

dreamy pink sand!

the cutest shorts for baby

these allllllmost have me convinced that overalls could be cool again. almost ;>


a hilariously awkward exchange between louis c.k. and jimmy fallon

hope you all have an awesome weekend!


photo credit: an illustration by rohna garvin


in the spirit of yesterday’s post i’ve been daydreaming about our little babe…

when Q was little we carried him around in our beloved ergo and while we still have and love this comfy carrier, i’m really looking forward to trying out a few more baby wearing styles. perhaps something a bit less structured and a little more…fashion forward? after all, you carry that little nip around so much in the beginning, their carrier pretty much becomes a staple accessory! here are the two of my current favorites…

the solly wrap



these wraps are gorgeous! they come in a ton of great colors and i really love the look of them on. my only concern here is all the tying…would it be hard to do solo? the tie factor seems especially challenging with a toddler in tow. also, given our hot desert climate, i’m wondering if this wrap might feel like just a bit too much fabric at times? which brings me to option two….

the sakura bloom sling



i absolutely adore this sling! while the company makes wraps in a wide variety of materials: think gorgeous silks and linens and price points: i mean, really ? the pure linen option is pretty reasonable and so beautiful on! i love the simplicity of the ring, no complex tying or readjustment, and wouldn’t this natural shade be gorgeous with any outfit? i can just see three of us strolling to the park after school or having a leisurely coffee with friends, Q running ahead while bebe is tucked in cozy and close.

have you worn a wrap or sling? are there others out there that are equally fabulous? which would you recommend? dish!


photos via pinterest


the weather is turning warm here in ps and you know what that means…goodbye jeans! hello breezy dresses, wide-brimmed hats, big crazy sunnies and…skirts skirts skirts!

here are a few looks i’ve been pinning (pining) for…







i’m loving all the deep v’s! and stripes! now i just need to find a way to fit them all around my growing belly!

ps. if you’re in the market for some stripes and summer dresses of the bargain variety (and who isn’t, really) old navy has a bunch of great things on sale this week! i just bought this and an adorable eyelet summer dress similar to this for nearly nothing. go go go!

check out all the photos on pinterest