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what is everyone up to this weekend? we’re all still recovering from a nasty bout of spring cold/flu (which, for me, also included a raging case of pink eye…pink eye!!!!) ugh. suffice to say, we’ve been home-bound for the past few days. on a happy note, ben is finally done with two back-to-back away rotations that have lasted for what seems like for-ev-er! woo hoo! we’re psyched to finally have him back home and are looking forward to a few well-deserved family adventures in and around our neighborhood next week!

until then, here are a few fun finds to kick off your friday…

have a feeling i’ll be wearing this a lot over the next few months! so light and comfy!

zara has the sweetest mini collection!

tiny hamsters eating tiny burritos. need i say more?

this cake looks incredible. and this!

a crafty idea for last-minute party decor

gorgeous flats

pregnancy has me feeling like
this chick

hope you all have a delicious weekend! x

(photo of Q playing dress up this week)


just found this site with the sweetest baby clothes! bonus, all of their products are certified organic and made in the states! i kind of love the idea of matching outfits for bebe and Q … so fun!






check out all of their adorable prints here