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fall to do:
1. have a baby
2. wear more hats









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anyone else jonesing for some cool weather? perhaps it’s the fact that we were basically catapulted from the lake (land of blissfully cool rainy mornings and campfires) into the crazy oppressive heat of august in the desert…OR perhaps it’s the fact that my 8 months pregnant thighs are finally touching! (ugh). either way, i could really go for a chilly autumn morning, a long run and my old skinny jeans.

while cooler weather is sadly still a couple of months away here in ps, it never hurts to daydream a bit, right? here are just a few of the early fall, post-pregnancy items i’m dreaming of this morning…

a cool military-inspired jacket


sleeveless sweaters (finally a place where these adorable fashion anomalies can actually be worn!)




high-waisted denim, simple white t’s and the *perfect* slouchy weekend pants





simple gold layers


a few light knits…




and, of course, just a touch of leather…


october! pumpkins! babies! hurry up already!


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what’s doin this weekend? we’re having a few friends over for dinner on saturday but otherwise laying low, eating ice cream and generally looking forward to relaxing in our own backyard. hooray for lazy summer days!

here are just a few odds and ends from this week’s internet wanderings…

emerson fry is killing it. case in point here, here, here, and here.

awesome fireplace

been having few daydreams about this house. those lights!

pancetta, burrata and tomato sandwich

jonzing for another one of these this weekend. oh my.

next pool party…balloons!

and pineapples!

hope you all have a lovely, relaxing weekend!


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is it just me or is keri russell totally crushing it lately? I mean really?! from formal wear to casual street style this lady always seems to look effortlessly lovely and put together with just the right sexy edge. i love the way she tosses a bit of leather into outfits you wouldn’t expect (a material i clearly need more of in my life) and did i mention our mutual love for dresses with pockets? hello! kindred spirits anyone?








meanwhile, i’m currently struggling to see my toes and mostly just fantasizing about the prospect of fabulous skinny jeans and slinky dresses…soon, right?

here’s hoping there’s a keri-inspired, post-baby shopping spree in my not-so-distant future!


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any big plans for the holiday? we’re headed to our local park this evening for a family picnic and fireworks! tomorrow we’ll be celebrating the long weekend (and the end of Q’s first year of preschool!) with a few close school buddies and a backyard bbq! woohoo summer!

fun with watermelon

making these for our mini bbq on saturday!

4th of july outfit ideas for the cool cats

toasted marshmallow coconut milk ice cream. yes yes yes!

what a fun diy beach bag

stars and stripes for bèbè

hope you all have a wonderful, long weekend!


vintage photo via pinterest


there’s just nothing better than getting all packed up for a big trip…

see you all next week!



soooooooo, we’re finally headed to sunny mexico this weekend! woohoo! it has been a crazy first year of residency and we’re beyond excited to celebrate one year completed, not to mention the ‘passing with flying colors’ of step three! yay Ben!! but above all, we’re really just looking forward to spending some quality family time sipping fruity cocktails and lounging about! no schedule, no plans. hooray for vacation!

i’m looking forward to sharing beachy pics from our trip next week. until then, here’s a bit of this and that to help while away those wee friday afternoon hours…

how to eat like a local in paris

doesn’t this look like such a romantic way to travel?

obsessed with this dress

and this one too !

great diy beauty products

bananas !

the perfect summery dessert

hope you all have a truly fabulous weekend!


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we were headed out for dinner the other night and was running a bit late(of course). i started rummaging through my drawers for a fresh, pregnancy-friendly outfit, which is getting harder and harder to come by in my closet, when i happened upon the simplest combination…

white on white!

i threw on a fitted white tank and some distressed white jean shorts and, voilà! i felt instantly refreshed! the bright whites looked great against my early summer tan and, surprisingly, the light monochrome effect made my growing bump feel quite elegant and refined. i finished the look with a bright green head scarf and a dab of coral lipstick and raced out the door! i felt great all evening and i guess a few other folks thought so too since i received some lovely compliments from my husband, toddler, and a few random strangers to boot! and, major bonus: i somehow managed to avoid spilling any of the bbq sauce from my massive burger on myself!

it was truly an amazing night.

looking to give white on white a whirl? here are a few looks i can’t wait to try next…






and this suit? incredible.


happy shopping!


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sooooooo, we’re headed to mexico in less than a month! ben’s family recently ‘won’ a trip to cancun in a silent auction and generously offered to take us along for the ride! woohoo!

though we’ve flown quite a bit over the last four years, this will be Q’s first trip outside the country. hello, passports! we’re so excited to kick up our feet with a few cocktails and just lounge about on the beach for a whole week. and the best part…we’ll have enthusiastic grandparent babysitters at the ready! what could be better?!

in the spirit of pre-trip anticipation i’ve been daydreaming of a few things here and there-namely, embroidered dresses, tacos, sandy toes and heaps of crystal clear blue water…

25 days and counting! yahoo!!!!

lazy beach days



evening escapes with my love



road trips for two




morning coffee


with these…


and sunset walks on the beach


i. can. not. wait.

any other suggestions or must do’s in the area? i’d love to hear what you love!


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it’s nearly 105 degrees in PS right now…and it’s 10 am! summer is here! what are you kids up to this weekend? ben is studying up a storm for his last big exam on monday. we all just cannot wait for it to be OVER! in the meantime, Q and i are headed to a friends house on saturday for a little backyard bbq and a nice looooong dip in their pool! woohoo!

here are a few fun finds to kick off your friday…

this cocktail looks fantastic!

words to live by

awesome looking spring salad

dreamy pink sand!

the cutest shorts for baby

these allllllmost have me convinced that overalls could be cool again. almost ;>


a hilariously awkward exchange between louis c.k. and jimmy fallon

hope you all have an awesome weekend!


photo credit: an illustration by rohna garvin