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any big plans for the holiday? we’re headed to our local park this evening for a family picnic and fireworks! tomorrow we’ll be celebrating the long weekend (and the end of Q’s first year of preschool!) with a few close school buddies and a backyard bbq! woohoo summer!

fun with watermelon

making these for our mini bbq on saturday!

4th of july outfit ideas for the cool cats

toasted marshmallow coconut milk ice cream. yes yes yes!

what a fun diy beach bag

stars and stripes for bèbè

hope you all have a wonderful, long weekend!


vintage photo via pinterest


4th of july is just around the corner! any plans yet? we’re hosting a little bbq and debating a menu of the classics-burgers and dogs- vs. this party idea. decisions, decisions!

whether you’re hosting a party or just kicking it in your own backyard, here are a few festive ideas to get you in the mood for red white and blue…

sparklers for the kiddos (and adults too!)


a diy hotdog bar. brilliant!


summery cocktails are a must


or perhaps punch ?


these bbq recipes would be great to serve at a party…or to take to a potluck!


salt and vinegar . need i say more?


and, of course, no 4th of july is complete without pie! cherry, preferably.


let the celebrations begin!


we had an epic birthday weekend here in PS…












my parents flew in from ny for the big event and we all spent the week swimming and playing in the backyard! we surprised Q with a scooter wrapped in balloons and birthday french toast, baked a cake together and had an all around lovely time partying with friends. there were even surprise wagon rides for the kiddos thanks to gido’s homemade radio flyer!

i think the last photo of Q sums up his thoughts on turning four best…


thanks all, it was a truly wonderful week full of fun, friends, family and so much love!

happy birthday, cutie Q!


Q’s school put on the sweetest mother’s day breakfast this morning…







there were loads of pastries and treats for the moms, homemade cards, paper flowers, and~my personal favorite~the sweetest little handmade beaded bracelet you’ve ever seen (Q loved it so much he’s actually wearing it in the pictures above)! what a lovely way to kick off mother’s day weekend!

happy day to all you sweet mamas out there (especially mine)!

have a wonderful weekend.



what is everyone up to this weekend? we’re all still recovering from a nasty bout of spring cold/flu (which, for me, also included a raging case of pink eye…pink eye!!!!) ugh. suffice to say, we’ve been home-bound for the past few days. on a happy note, ben is finally done with two back-to-back away rotations that have lasted for what seems like for-ev-er! woo hoo! we’re psyched to finally have him back home and are looking forward to a few well-deserved family adventures in and around our neighborhood next week!

until then, here are a few fun finds to kick off your friday…

have a feeling i’ll be wearing this a lot over the next few months! so light and comfy!

zara has the sweetest mini collection!

tiny hamsters eating tiny burritos. need i say more?

this cake looks incredible. and this!

a crafty idea for last-minute party decor

gorgeous flats

pregnancy has me feeling like
this chick

hope you all have a delicious weekend! x

(photo of Q playing dress up this week)

so our little guy is about to turn four next month…! crazy, right? seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home all pink and wrinkly (sigh).

this seems to be the year of holiday awareness for Q and the excitement has been steadily building since halloween. he was pumped for all things christmas-tree getting, cookie baking, ‘did you just hear santa?!’ i heard him! he’s here! the build-up to valentines day was epic. the easter bunny and his promise of hidden eggs prompted a 6am sprint into the backyard. and, of course, this birthday seems to top the list as the biggest…most important…day.of all. so fun!

so when i asked him what ‘type’ of party he wanted for his big day (half expecting something like pizza or pool to come to mind) he immediately blurted out…

A ROBIN HOOD PARTY! (Really?!!?)

now this may have something to do with the fact that we had just gone through a binge-viewing of this classic, or perhaps he’s confusing birthdays with halloween since he also keeps insisting that at the party i will be dressed as this dude (good lord).

either way, we’ve been talking about it for months and the theme has stuck…


i’m always up for a little unorthodox party theme and am actually really loving that he didn’t immediately go for the typical four-year-old gigs like batman, spider-man, jake and the neverland pirates! ugh, that song!

after all, who doesn’t love a good themed-party?! sly foxes, little forest creatures, mom dressed as your portly bear friend. really, what could be better? ;>







photos via my Pinterest page

while i’m sure i won’t be able to cover all the wonderful happenings here in ps over the past six(!) months, i wanted to at least share a few of the fun things i now wished i’d been posting about all the while. namely, lazy days exploring the neighborhood, family bike rides, a trip to find snow(!), valentine fun, 90th birthdays (grandma), 33rd birthdays (moi), tree climbing, wallpapering, new babes, egg hunts, and so much more…i’m realizing now one of my favorite elements of this outlet is documenting all our family adventures. what a great way to relive all the lovely memories!

hope you enjoy this little glimpse into our life here in ps – with the promise of more frequent, detailed posts to come…














now, i generally don’t love planning christmas parties before halloween.

well, actually, that’s a total lie and paperless post knows it. which is exactly why they sent me an email today informing me that their ‘save the date’ holiday collection is now available. because once i get started, i will neglect absolutely everything to plan a party. it’s my kryptonite, stripping hours from my otherwise high-functioning, productive days until i’m sucked into a full-on pinning, planning, cocktailing frenzy.

i freaking love it.

it always begins so innocently…just a quick peek at those ‘save the date’ cards and oh…kate spade, wonder what the invitations look like? and since we’re having this party i should probably research a just few fun cocktails, which of course can only lead to cocktail dresses and cocktail rings, matching stir sticks, napkins, flowers, champagne, cheese, candles, desserts, guest lists, music…ah! shoes!

so its october 22nd, my house is a mess, Q is in a PBS kids induced coma and i think i forgot to pay our electric bill, but i’ve pretty much nailed down our christmas party plans.

december 14th, save the date. x







photos via pinterest

the paint is finally dry and our pictures are (mostly) all hung…it’s time for a housewarming party!

most of our darling friends live in LA (a whopping 2 hour drive from PS!) so, instead of having everyone designate a driver (buzz kill), we’re having a housewarming slumber party!

i’m super excited to show off our new digs and just chill poolside with some of our favorite people. since this will be a marathon party event, here are a few fun ideas for an afternoon-turned-evening of snacks, treats and libations…(breakfast too!)

a welcoming bite


a collection of gorgeous dinner ideas


quick and easy bbq


poolside nibbles


evening glow


refreshing summer sips


midnight snacks!


and some beautiful brunch ideas


though we’ll probably just end up making these again!

check out all the ideas above on pinterest

this past weekend we celebrated our little guys 3rd birthday!

we kicked off the weekend with a pre-birthday dinner at this fantastic spot, made slow cooker carnitas (and a few other delicious dishes) from this fabulous menu and, i’m happy to report, that my somewhat ambitious martha project turned out great (i was secretly prepping for a major pinterest fail)!

it was a wonderful weekend full of fabulous food, family, and so much love! x