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after nearly four(!) weeks on keuka lake, we are finally headed home to ps! we’ve had a wonderful summer here soaking up loads of cool rainy mornings and warm breezy afternoons, canoeing, swimming, berry picking , hiking and lounging about dockside. we’ve baked and eaten gobs and gobs of cookies, fresh fruit tarts, pies and all things summery-sweet. i can hardly believe another season at the lake has come and gone (our last as a family of 3!)

while it’s always a bit sad to say goodbye, there’s nothing quite like coming home. i’m mostly looking forward to snuggling ben and getting our place (and ourselves) ready to welcome baby this fall! i promise more frequent updates and musings from pretty in ps soon, until then, here are a few of my favorite moments (and meals!) from our summer on the lake…













hope you are all having an equally wonderful summer full of friends and family! can’t wait to see you back in palm springs later this week!



i love family traditions! cut out cookies at christmas, birthday morning balloons, homemade valentine surprises and halloween costumes…sunday waffles! i could go on and on. some of my best memories as a child were born from the sweetest family moments, lovingly repeated over the years to create piles and piles of wonderful memories. it’s so incredibly important to me that we keep and continue to create these memories for our own growing family. and, while we’ve been doing many of these things for years, this year has been exceptionally fun since Q is finally at that special age where he’s starting to remember (and even look forward to) these family moments. yay!

one of my absolute favorite summer traditions here at the lake is by far our annual trip up ‘the hill’ to pick blueberries. my mom and i started bringing Q here when he was just 4 weeks old, all snugly and tiny in the front pack, and we’ve made it a point to visit the same lovely patch every summer since. the farm that we go to nestled at the top of the lake, flanked on all sides by sleepy dirt roads, miles of grape vines, wildflower fields and duck-laden ponds. it’s the perfect place for little ones to wander, pick, and sample for hours, and a perfectly lovely way to wile away a cool tuesday morning. this year seemed extra special with a little bump tow-nothing like starting a tradition before you’re even born, right?

i hope you enjoy these photos of our family picking adventure! i tried really hard to limit myself but it’s just too lovely up there not to go a bit crazy…









are you enjoying any special family traditions this summer? what are your favorite traditions from childhood? i’d love to hear!


we woke up this morning to the gentle sounds of thunder and rain on the lake, cool breezes and fresh coffee brewing in the kitchen. it’s that perfect kind of lazy morning where pajamas and slippers linger well past noon and there’s no better place to be but on the porch with steaming cups of coffee and slices of warm, buttery zucchini bread in hand. in short, heaven.

it’s also the perfect kind of morning to sit back and daydream about all things baby. as i mentioned before, we’ve been pretty laid back about this little babe’s arrival so far, but now that i’m officially in my third (!) trimester and that sweet layette actually arrived the other day, i’m feeling rather inspired to start planning a bit for a room.

since we’re rather tight on space in our petit butterfly, baby m 2.0 will be bunking up in our room for the first few weeks. ben’s dad has generously offered to MAKE us a cradle and we’re beyond excited since he’ll be modeling his creation after this awesome rocker! how incredible is that? of course, after those first few mini months, we’ll eventually transition baby into his own ‘room’ (albeit in the tv room). since it is a shared space, we’ll be keeping the overall look rather neutral but, being me, i just couldn’t resist sneaking a little theme into the space.

from early on in pregnancy i’ve been incredibly drawn to simple, nature themes for this little bug. i just love the idea of creating a zen space with a natural, woodland feel: think natural shades, woodsy textures and a few baby animals a la sharon montrose.

here are some of the items that are inspiring me on this rainy july morning…

simple animal prints





our ikea shelf, upgraded.


foxy details



Perhaps a bit of wes


and a few woodsy pieces



what do you think? any tips for decorating a shared space? i’d love to hear…


photos and more baby ideas via my pinterest

we had an epic birthday weekend here in PS…












my parents flew in from ny for the big event and we all spent the week swimming and playing in the backyard! we surprised Q with a scooter wrapped in balloons and birthday french toast, baked a cake together and had an all around lovely time partying with friends. there were even surprise wagon rides for the kiddos thanks to gido’s homemade radio flyer!

i think the last photo of Q sums up his thoughts on turning four best…


thanks all, it was a truly wonderful week full of fun, friends, family and so much love!

happy birthday, cutie Q!



there’s so much to celebrate this weekend! Q was born on memorial day nearly 4 years ago! we’ll be celebrating the big day on his actual birthday next saturday, but something about the holiday itself always makes me think of that crazy, wonderful day when we met our little guy for the first time!

today is also the one year anniversary of our first home! i can hardly believe we’ve been living in palm springs for a whole year…seems like just yesterday we were daydreaming about this backyard!

i hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend full of family, friends and celebration!


ps. i’m making this summery pie right now and it smells incredible!

photo of our lovely, sun-drenched living room this morning. i love our desert home!

Q’s school put on the sweetest mother’s day breakfast this morning…







there were loads of pastries and treats for the moms, homemade cards, paper flowers, and~my personal favorite~the sweetest little handmade beaded bracelet you’ve ever seen (Q loved it so much he’s actually wearing it in the pictures above)! what a lovely way to kick off mother’s day weekend!

happy day to all you sweet mamas out there (especially mine)!

have a wonderful weekend.


so our little guy is about to turn four next month…! crazy, right? seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home all pink and wrinkly (sigh).

this seems to be the year of holiday awareness for Q and the excitement has been steadily building since halloween. he was pumped for all things christmas-tree getting, cookie baking, ‘did you just hear santa?!’ i heard him! he’s here! the build-up to valentines day was epic. the easter bunny and his promise of hidden eggs prompted a 6am sprint into the backyard. and, of course, this birthday seems to top the list as the biggest…most important…day.of all. so fun!

so when i asked him what ‘type’ of party he wanted for his big day (half expecting something like pizza or pool to come to mind) he immediately blurted out…

A ROBIN HOOD PARTY! (Really?!!?)

now this may have something to do with the fact that we had just gone through a binge-viewing of this classic, or perhaps he’s confusing birthdays with halloween since he also keeps insisting that at the party i will be dressed as this dude (good lord).

either way, we’ve been talking about it for months and the theme has stuck…


i’m always up for a little unorthodox party theme and am actually really loving that he didn’t immediately go for the typical four-year-old gigs like batman, spider-man, jake and the neverland pirates! ugh, that song!

after all, who doesn’t love a good themed-party?! sly foxes, little forest creatures, mom dressed as your portly bear friend. really, what could be better? ;>







photos via my Pinterest page

just found this site with the sweetest baby clothes! bonus, all of their products are certified organic and made in the states! i kind of love the idea of matching outfits for bebe and Q … so fun!






check out all of their adorable prints here

while i’m sure i won’t be able to cover all the wonderful happenings here in ps over the past six(!) months, i wanted to at least share a few of the fun things i now wished i’d been posting about all the while. namely, lazy days exploring the neighborhood, family bike rides, a trip to find snow(!), valentine fun, 90th birthdays (grandma), 33rd birthdays (moi), tree climbing, wallpapering, new babes, egg hunts, and so much more…i’m realizing now one of my favorite elements of this outlet is documenting all our family adventures. what a great way to relive all the lovely memories!

hope you enjoy this little glimpse into our life here in ps – with the promise of more frequent, detailed posts to come…














soooooo, it’s been a while, my lovelies! i’ve been all wrapped up in home, and family and a few little work projects. and, while all of that has kept me quite busy and fulfilled, i realized just today (as a nurse a nasty cold and catch up on a few of my favorite blogs) how much i’ve truly missed my own pretty in ps! so, without further adieu…

pretty in ps is back!


and with a little peanut in tow…!

i’m so excited to be back writing and sharing all things lovely in palm springs, especially our newest addition! this space is such a wonderful way to document life’s special moments-little and big-don’t you think?! stay tuned later today for a quick photo journal of the things we’ve been up to here in the desert over the past 6 months (gasp!) it really has been a while… ;>