i can hardly believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by! can you believe i’m nearly 7 months now? what?!

like so many folks i’ve talked to re: second babies we’re feeling much more relaxed this time around. i’m pretty sure when i was 7 months pregnant with Q we had a room decorated, clothes washed and receiving blankets at the ready. this time we’ve barely prepared anything at all, and we haven’t even come close to buying a crib or decorating a room. the hospital has called me a few times to schedule a tour-a tour? really? it all just somehow feels blissfully relaxed, in that really wonderful, ‘we’ve got this’ kind of way. are we crazy?

anyway, i was surfing pinterest the other day and came across this darling little fox layette and suddenly everything felt instantly real to me.

we’re going to have another baby!

for some reason that little outfit immediately brought me back to those early days with Q, the exciting beginnings of labor, shortly followed by the painful realization of actual labor (!) and, of course, those first precious moments when we finally met our little guy for the first time. and now here we are, about to experience all those wonderful, crazy, head-spinning moments all over again! we get to meet a brand new little person, count tiny fingers and toes, bring him home all snugly, cozy and new…and it’s all happening in three months from now! or less!

of course i bought the layette on the spot. ready or not baby, here we go…





this week’s dinner idea is a party favorite of ours! we actually just served this over the 4th and it was such a huge hit everyone went home with a copy of the recipe ! win!

what i love most about this meal is its versatility-it works just as wonderfully as a side dish for a big party as it does a weeknight dinner. the combo of fresh mint and lemon scream summer and, since the farro is mixed in while warm, it melts the feta just enough to make the whole dish seem more like a decedent pasta than a salad. double win! if we’re feeling extra hungry (and we almost always are), i’ll usually grill up some chicken or shrimp to go along with it. we also like to mix in a bit of peppery arugula along with the kale for an extra bite. yum!

quick tip: if you’re short on time, i’d definitely recommend an instant farro…just boil 10 minutes and done!

happy eating!


it’s a gray morning here in palm springs (the kind I secretly wish for more of in this land of perpetual sunshine). and while i’m loving the peace and stillness of a cloudy day, i’m also relishing in the memory of the beautiful, lazy weekend we had here in ps. are you ever just completely struck by how beautiful life is? this weekend was such a celebration of good food, wonderful friends and all the sweetest hallmarks of summer-night swims, fresh peaches, golden sunsets- i just couldn’t help but celebrate (and try to capture) the color and the feel of happiness that was in the air here…

a gorgeous, cool saturday morning spent swimming and lounging in our own backyard


homemade goodies, cucumber gin cocktails, a heavenly peach tart




summer gold


a most magical friday evening spent with my favorite guys…



feeling truly blessed here today and wishing you all a beautiful, peaceful monday.



what’s doin this weekend? we’re having a few friends over for dinner on saturday but otherwise laying low, eating ice cream and generally looking forward to relaxing in our own backyard. hooray for lazy summer days!

here are just a few odds and ends from this week’s internet wanderings…

emerson fry is killing it. case in point here, here, here, and here.

awesome fireplace

been having few daydreams about this house. those lights!

pancetta, burrata and tomato sandwich

jonzing for another one of these this weekend. oh my.

next pool party…balloons!

and pineapples!

hope you all have a lovely, relaxing weekend!


photo via pinterest

how gorgeous are these photos?







check out all of ben lamberty’s amazing series on couples kissing here.

then hurry home and grab your lover!


photos via my modern met.

is it just me or is keri russell totally crushing it lately? I mean really?! from formal wear to casual street style this lady always seems to look effortlessly lovely and put together with just the right sexy edge. i love the way she tosses a bit of leather into outfits you wouldn’t expect (a material i clearly need more of in my life) and did i mention our mutual love for dresses with pockets? hello! kindred spirits anyone?








meanwhile, i’m currently struggling to see my toes and mostly just fantasizing about the prospect of fabulous skinny jeans and slinky dresses…soon, right?

here’s hoping there’s a keri-inspired, post-baby shopping spree in my not-so-distant future!


check out these photos and more style inspiration on my pinterest

best news ever…palm springs has an amazing new coffee place!


one of the biggest things we miss since leaving brooklyn is the vast and wonderful array of coffee places in the city! it seems every corner of our tiny neighborhood had a coffee place with its own unique and amazing style. we had our personal favorites, of course. our beloved colsons was just around the corner, perfect for a quick sunday morning fix (think pj bottoms, messy hair and morning buns). we greeted them by name and they knew me well enough to treat me to free coffee(s) on those early days of motherhood when i would inevitably forget my wallet, my keys, and, lets be honest here, my right mind! on tuesdays we’d jet over to two moon for sing-alongs and lemon bars, grumpys for espresso and artisanal blends, cafe martin for a slice of surly irish attitude and a bit of local gossip, and, of course, there was always le provençal for the best almond croissants outside of paris. like sweet friends each of them, and so very hard to leave…

but alas, after a year of living in ps (and sipping boring old starbucks) we finally have a new coffee place! ernest coffee is a lovely little shop on the northern end of palm springs arts district-our neighborhood! freshly baked pastries and perfectly roasted stumptown beans combine effortlessly with a fun urban decor, warm welcoming staff, and piles of freshly printed ny times… i mean, really, what could be better?

we’ve been twice so far: a quick 4th of july run for iced coffees and apple pie and just this morning for a leisurely little breakfast date with Q, warm americanos and almond croissants. everything thus far has been lovely. i’m SO looking forward to the day when i can toss our little babe in one of these and stroll down for my morning paper and caffè! oui!




anyway, if you live in ps (or plan to visit us soon) ernest is definitely worth a stop.

happy sipping!



any big plans for the holiday? we’re headed to our local park this evening for a family picnic and fireworks! tomorrow we’ll be celebrating the long weekend (and the end of Q’s first year of preschool!) with a few close school buddies and a backyard bbq! woohoo summer!

fun with watermelon

making these for our mini bbq on saturday!

4th of july outfit ideas for the cool cats

toasted marshmallow coconut milk ice cream. yes yes yes!

what a fun diy beach bag

stars and stripes for bèbè

hope you all have a wonderful, long weekend!


vintage photo via pinterest


tonight’s dinner is one of my absolute favorite summer pastas! we’ve been making this for years and yet somehow i never, ever tire of it. buttery feta combines perfectly with fresh tarragon, chives and lemon for a summery pasta so creamy and bright you won't be able to stop eating! i've already had three helpings tonight…no lie.

my parents actually have the original fine cooking magazine this little gem was featured in-it's sticky, rumpled and covered with years of love, feta and lemon juice. the mark of a true classic!

follow the recipe exactly. i promise it won’t disappoint.



so, this gorgeous french château rents for less than $50/ night…hello!

who’s in?!