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hello again.

what’s everyone been up to this week? i’ve been laid up with a nasty cold and am generally feeling overly pregnant as of late so i’ve been trying to take it easy over here…just 2 more weeks until i’m officially ‘full term’ woohoo!

meanwhile, i’ve been directing a lot of activities from the couch, busily ordering diapers and onesies from amazon and trying to get our place somewhat organized for baby. i cannot believe we could actually meet our little babe in less than a month!

i promised a few photos of our home improvement projects last week and, though we’re not quite finished with either room, i wanted to share these ‘work in progress’ shots just for fun…

we got crafty with wooden squares, repainted our canvases and made a table from the original beams of our 1959 butterfly (which sadly rotted and had to be replaced a few weeks ago-good thing our house didn’t collapse before we realized that one-yikes!)

finally found a cool, modern chair for baby on giggle


since our place is tiny, our spare room is working double time as a tv room/nursery. as many of these little projects go, i was planning an entirely different nursery theme when all of a sudden i stumbled upon this awesome geometric throw pillow and basically designed the entire space using that color palate. gotta love target



that’s it for now! stay tuned next week for more home improvement updates, photos and maybe a fall recipe or two…!

happy weekending.



moving into our first home has been such a trip! we’ve actually moved more times (8!) than years we’ve been married (almost 7). with all the changes in residence, we’ve gotten to be pros at packing and unpacking. truth be told, we usually have everything in order, boxes disposed of and cocktails in hand by the very first night. no joke!

this place is so different.

its not just another apartment or condo, its our first real home that we actually own (or will in 30 some odd years ;>) and for some reason, every decision seems to be as huge as this new phase in our lives.

so, we’re taking our time, hanging pictures, choosing furniture and bit by bit, piece by piece, slowly making this new space our own. while i’m still thinking it might be some time before all our rooms have rugs and lamps, somehow this house feels more like home than any place we have ever lived.

here’s a little peek at what we’ve been up to this week…

(snazzy new coffee table, our bright yellow door, a glance through the living room, fresh herbs in the kitchen, an entry in the making, housewarming loungers from my parents complete with gorgeous homemade pillows (thanks mom!!!), an old lamp we found in our storage closet(!), a cheerful window sill, and Q’s big boy bed)





ps. a special thanks to my wonderful parents who unpacked tons of boxes this week and made so many trips to home depot we lost count! x


truth be told, we actually knew very little about these incredible homes until just recently when we landed our very own krisel butterfly! between the long sexy roofline, awesome mountain views and whimsical name, it’s hard not to fall in love. if you’re curious about krisel, check out this fun article in dwell. he was quite the innovator in his day and his sense of design and space still feels incredibly fresh and modern today.

i cannot wait to share some photos of our new home later this week. until then, here are a few fabulous ideas for creating a cool modern PS pad…

(a sunny entry, plush accents, a twisty topiary, pops of orange, and a lovely place to rinse after that morning swim)






ps. !

photos via pinterest

we’re getting closer and closer to moving into our very first home (ah!). and i have to admit, i’ve already done fair bit of decorating in my head (thank you, pinterest). i’m particularly excited for Q’s room. after three years in our tiny brooklyn apartment, I cannot wait to jazz up his little space with wallpaper and chalkboard paint and any number of permanent non-renter friendly mediums! here are a few fun ideas that have been bouncing around my head…









check out these images and more fun decorating ideas here

while we wait on the final stages of first-time homeownership to come to a close, i find myself daydreaming about the early days in our new home. my thoughts drift to saturday morning pancakes, afternoon dips in the pool and long lazy nights by the fire. here’s hoping we can be snuggled up in our new abode soon (fingers crossed and all that). until then, here are some ideas to inspire a cozy, cool home sweet home.

lazy einstein, pops of yellow, cozy chevron, cocktails(!), and dreamy backyard parties.