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what’s doin this weekend? we’re having a few friends over for dinner on saturday but otherwise laying low, eating ice cream and generally looking forward to relaxing in our own backyard. hooray for lazy summer days!

here are just a few odds and ends from this week’s internet wanderings…

emerson fry is killing it. case in point here, here, here, and here.

awesome fireplace

been having few daydreams about this house. those lights!

pancetta, burrata and tomato sandwich

jonzing for another one of these this weekend. oh my.

next pool party…balloons!

and pineapples!

hope you all have a lovely, relaxing weekend!


photo via pinterest



any big plans for the holiday? we’re headed to our local park this evening for a family picnic and fireworks! tomorrow we’ll be celebrating the long weekend (and the end of Q’s first year of preschool!) with a few close school buddies and a backyard bbq! woohoo summer!

fun with watermelon

making these for our mini bbq on saturday!

4th of july outfit ideas for the cool cats

toasted marshmallow coconut milk ice cream. yes yes yes!

what a fun diy beach bag

stars and stripes for bèbè

hope you all have a wonderful, long weekend!


vintage photo via pinterest


it’s nearly 105 degrees in PS right now…and it’s 10 am! summer is here! what are you kids up to this weekend? ben is studying up a storm for his last big exam on monday. we all just cannot wait for it to be OVER! in the meantime, Q and i are headed to a friends house on saturday for a little backyard bbq and a nice looooong dip in their pool! woohoo!

here are a few fun finds to kick off your friday…

this cocktail looks fantastic!

words to live by

awesome looking spring salad

dreamy pink sand!

the cutest shorts for baby

these allllllmost have me convinced that overalls could be cool again. almost ;>


a hilariously awkward exchange between louis c.k. and jimmy fallon

hope you all have an awesome weekend!


photo credit: an illustration by rohna garvin


what is everyone up to this weekend? we’re all still recovering from a nasty bout of spring cold/flu (which, for me, also included a raging case of pink eye…pink eye!!!!) ugh. suffice to say, we’ve been home-bound for the past few days. on a happy note, ben is finally done with two back-to-back away rotations that have lasted for what seems like for-ev-er! woo hoo! we’re psyched to finally have him back home and are looking forward to a few well-deserved family adventures in and around our neighborhood next week!

until then, here are a few fun finds to kick off your friday…

have a feeling i’ll be wearing this a lot over the next few months! so light and comfy!

zara has the sweetest mini collection!

tiny hamsters eating tiny burritos. need i say more?

this cake looks incredible. and this!

a crafty idea for last-minute party decor

gorgeous flats

pregnancy has me feeling like
this chick

hope you all have a delicious weekend! x

(photo of Q playing dress up this week)


happy weekend to all the fabulous fathers out there (especially mine-he’s the best!!) we’ll be celebrating this sunday with a family brunch at our place including this insane kitchen gadget/father’s day gift (shhh!) and lots of these!

in honor of my darling B, and all the classic, dapper dads out there, this friday’s cocktail stars…bourbon!

check out this delicious recipe from the dusty baker.



have a handsome, happy, crazy delicious weekend!


happy friday!

i’m kicking off the pretty in palm springs friday cocktail series with the most delicious (and simple) margarita! truth be told, i have never been a lover of tequila (gasp), but this combo of fresh lime and smokey agave completely changed my perspective. i love the tart bite of lime in this drink, but if you like a slightly sweeter libation, i suggest adding a few drops of agave syrup. tart, refreshing and strong-a perfect start to your weekend!

we’ll be sipping on these and toasting to homeownership with friends on sunday. hope you all get a chance to enjoy a few poolside this weekend!

1 shot tequila (I prefer a smokier variety like casa noble special reserve )
.5 shot of Cointreau
juice of one lime

rocks, drink, repeat.