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i love family traditions! cut out cookies at christmas, birthday morning balloons, homemade valentine surprises and halloween costumes…sunday waffles! i could go on and on. some of my best memories as a child were born from the sweetest family moments, lovingly repeated over the years to create piles and piles of wonderful memories. it’s so incredibly important to me that we keep and continue to create these memories for our own growing family. and, while we’ve been doing many of these things for years, this year has been exceptionally fun since Q is finally at that special age where he’s starting to remember (and even look forward to) these family moments. yay!

one of my absolute favorite summer traditions here at the lake is by far our annual trip up ‘the hill’ to pick blueberries. my mom and i started bringing Q here when he was just 4 weeks old, all snugly and tiny in the front pack, and we’ve made it a point to visit the same lovely patch every summer since. the farm that we go to nestled at the top of the lake, flanked on all sides by sleepy dirt roads, miles of grape vines, wildflower fields and duck-laden ponds. it’s the perfect place for little ones to wander, pick, and sample for hours, and a perfectly lovely way to wile away a cool tuesday morning. this year seemed extra special with a little bump tow-nothing like starting a tradition before you’re even born, right?

i hope you enjoy these photos of our family picking adventure! i tried really hard to limit myself but it’s just too lovely up there not to go a bit crazy…









are you enjoying any special family traditions this summer? what are your favorite traditions from childhood? i’d love to hear!




hello, hello from the lake!

we arrived here nearly a week ago to a house full of yummy food, delicious wine and cozy beds. we’ve been spending our days on the dock, toes in the water, drinks in hand, not an ipad or phone in sight. i’m thinking my updates will be sparse in the weeks to come-the sun and rain and water are all just too good to pull away from for more than a few moments. summer as it should be!

as i sit here gazing out the window, rain streaming steadily down the lake and the scent of homemade chocolate chip cookies wafting in from the kitchen, i am instantly reminded of the absolute joy the most simple summer delights can bring. though there have already been far too many of these lovely moments to capture (family sails, fabulous meals, blissful cups of morning coffee on the porch-to name a few!) here are just a handful of our favorite lake moments so far…










stay tuned, my darling readers, more photos and posts coming soon!