i can hardly believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by! can you believe i’m nearly 7 months now? what?!

like so many folks i’ve talked to re: second babies we’re feeling much more relaxed this time around. i’m pretty sure when i was 7 months pregnant with Q we had a room decorated, clothes washed and receiving blankets at the ready. this time we’ve barely prepared anything at all, and we haven’t even come close to buying a crib or decorating a room. the hospital has called me a few times to schedule a tour-a tour? really? it all just somehow feels blissfully relaxed, in that really wonderful, ‘we’ve got this’ kind of way. are we crazy?

anyway, i was surfing pinterest the other day and came across this darling little fox layette and suddenly everything felt instantly real to me.

we’re going to have another baby!

for some reason that little outfit immediately brought me back to those early days with Q, the exciting beginnings of labor, shortly followed by the painful realization of actual labor (!) and, of course, those first precious moments when we finally met our little guy for the first time. and now here we are, about to experience all those wonderful, crazy, head-spinning moments all over again! we get to meet a brand new little person, count tiny fingers and toes, bring him home all snugly, cozy and new…and it’s all happening in three months from now! or less!

of course i bought the layette on the spot. ready or not baby, here we go…