we were headed out for dinner the other night and was running a bit late(of course). i started rummaging through my drawers for a fresh, pregnancy-friendly outfit, which is getting harder and harder to come by in my closet, when i happened upon the simplest combination…

white on white!

i threw on a fitted white tank and some distressed white jean shorts and, voilĂ ! i felt instantly refreshed! the bright whites looked great against my early summer tan and, surprisingly, the light monochrome effect made my growing bump feel quite elegant and refined. i finished the look with a bright green head scarf and a dab of coral lipstick and raced out the door! i felt great all evening and i guess a few other folks thought so too since i received some lovely compliments from my husband, toddler, and a few random strangers to boot! and, major bonus: i somehow managed to avoid spilling any of the bbq sauce from my massive burger on myself!

it was truly an amazing night.

looking to give white on white a whirl? here are a few looks i can’t wait to try next…






and this suit? incredible.


happy shopping!


photos via pinterest